Some fun facts about me:

I have two cats named Thor and Loki
Harry Potter is life.
I have double vision (yes, I see two of everything. Yes, if you hold up two fingers I see four. Yes, I know the difference between you holding up two and four fingers. Just put your fingers away!)
I grew up in New Brunswick and I miss the ocean
Favourite number is 18
I've swam with sharks
But I'm afraid of spiders
I don't like tomatoes

Here are a few of my Favorite Things —

The Office
Frozen Mangoes
The East Coast
When my kids are quiet (but not too quiet)
Being on a boat
Long car rides
Singing obnoxiously on said long car rides
Hair & Makeup & All things girly
Real life candid moments captured on camera.




I've forever been obsessed with capturing not the moments people like to stage themselves for, but for those real life moments. You know what I'm talking about - the shot of the kid who literally doesn't give two sh*ts if he's politely smiling in a single photo and would rather pick his nose and do silly faces. Maybe Billy won't remember being a little hellion at age 5 during that photo session, but you'll have the photograph to look back on and remember exactly how and who he was at that point in his life. Or those quiet moments where mom has to sneak away from the shoot to soothe her crying wee babe. Or those sweet stolen glances between two lovers about to get married. Those candid shots are what I live for and I strive to capture you and your loved ones with a variety of emotions.

Photos become your memories. Why not keep them real?
— Sarah Milne