Self Portraits with a side of feminism.


Sometimes when I'm sitting in my living room and the sun is pouring in I think to myself "man, this lighting is awesome!" But I never grab my camera! Well, today, I decided to take advantage of experimenting with those bright, golden highlights and deep shadows. Pulled out lots of grain and turned up the matte blacks. I'm digging this vibe!

Also, confession time: I usually really want to take photos but have no subject to use other than myself. Up until now I thought, "nobody wants to see a bunch of pictures of myself - that's conceded and obnoxious. People will think I'm full of myself". But guess what y'all, I'm a photographer. And a woman. And I'm starting to realize there's a hell of a lot more to celebrate in life when you stop worrying about what other people think. And to speak my truth, when I see a good photo of myself, I feel pretty. TRUTH BOMB, there's a lot worse things in this world than a girl who thinks she's pretty. So from now on I will un-apologetically share. Cheers to all you gals out there who are selfie queens, live your life! And to those of you who feel self-conscious about taking photos of yourself, you are goddesses and perfect and you deserve to be recognized as such. It's 2018. This year, women will run the world.