2017, A Year In Review


As another year comes to an end, I am feeling particularly thankful for 2017. I have done SO. MUCH. GROWING! Not only in my personal life, but also in photography, big time! 

What have I done this past year?

  • Most recently, I re-did my entire website! Heyo!
  • I celebrated my 27th birthday and watched my children turn 2 and 5!
  • I sent my daughter off to her first year in school. Where she now learns another language! Kindergarten has by far been one of the most major years for her in so many ways. I am so proud of her. Lily, je t'aime beaucoup!
  • I had a very bittersweet parting with my son's crib. As I tearfully said goodbye, I realized I am never going to ever having a crib in my home again - meaning I officially no longer have a baby - meaning all my kids are growing up WAY too fast!! However, I welcomed his new "big boy bed" and now very much enjoy this new stage when my officially-a-toddler-of-a-son climbs out of his bed and greets me every morning with a very loud "Hi MoooOOOOM!!".
  • I cheered for my husband when he got a promotion. Way to go babe!
  • I became the proud owner of my  35mm lens and now life will never be the same.
  • I discovered more of who I want to be as a photographer and have been working very hard to teach myself how to stay true to my style without wavering and ultimately achieve my goals.
  • For the very first time, I said no to a wedding, which is HUGE for me! Before, I would say yes to everything - for two reasons: 1) it's money and 2) I felt I was forever needing more experience and exposure to get my name out there - even if it meant sacrificing my vision in order to cater to what the client wanted. But I am finally now at the place in my career where I have the confidence and understanding that not every person/couple/family is compatible with my photography style. To me, it is more important to stay consistent with my artistry than it is to try to please everyone. It was a major struggle for me to decline work, but in the end, after recommending a couple other very talented local photographers, I am confident that couple will be happier having photographs that reflect their style. 

Where did I go this year?

  • I did my first tropical destination wedding in Tulum, Mexico!
  • I visited my hometown Saint John, New Brunswick where I saw the many faces of people I love dearly. All my family and so many great friends are there in NB and I miss them terribly! It is always such a treat to visit!
  • We did a family camping trip to Drumheller and to Jasper. It was beautiful to see the contrast of the deep canyon where Drumheller resides versus the massive mountains.
  • We also did some camping around Saskatchewan and Alberta. We LOVE camping!!
  • Finally, I took a quick trip to Chilliwack, British Colombia to meet my newest nephew. 

What do I expect from 2018?

  • More weddings!
  • More beautiful people to meet and new faces to photograph!
  • Deeper friendships :)
  • A new year of watching my kids grow more independent.
  • Brendan and I will be sharing our 5th year of marriage this year! Wow!
  • MORE TRAVELLING! Stay tuned!!

2017 has been very good to me! I cannot thank you all enough for your continued love and support. Without you, I could not be where I am today and I am forever grateful! I am VERY much looking forward to a new year, and cannot wait to see what it brings! Happy New Year to you all!!