Melissa + John | Ardmore, Alberta Wedding


I'm the kind of person who gets all warm and bubbly when it comes to two things while doing photos: beautiful locations and lovey-dovey couples. So needless to say, I was in my element and gushing with all the feels with Melissa + John!! It was such a perfect day! Minus the grasshoppers. There were SO. MANY. GRASSHOPPERS! The girls started the day by getting ready at the cutest house (which happened to be just a few houses down from mine. Convenient!), with the loveliest of crab apple trees! From there we ventured to Ardmore ("look for the duck!" she told me). Then my jaw dropped when I was lead to the most AMAZING barn!! I wish I could go back there again and again! Overall, I could not be have been more thrilled with the day's shooting locations, but more importantly, thrilled to watch these two beautiful people be wed!

Sarah MilneComment