Alice, 7 Days | Cold Lake Family Portraits

In a military family, it isn't easy when duty calls and long periods of time are spent apart from family. Thankfully, Craig was blessed to see the birth of his beautiful daughter. I commend this incredible family for their strength, for their understanding of what it means to sacrifice for the greater good, for the way they carpe diem the days they share together, and for their palpable love, which is so obvious as soon as you see them together. 

I have had the pleasure of spending time with this family before. They have since began planning a wedding together (yay, congratulations!), and welcomed a new member to the family. Meet Alice, 7 days fresh! May she grow up never doubting how well she is loved and cared for. Congratulations Craig, Vanessa and big brother Logan!

Also, just a side note - I don't usually use newborn props but wow! Craig's got mad skills and actually MADE that little bed! What exquisite work! (Insert applause to Craig).

Sarah MilneComment