What's In My Bag??

I get a lot of questions about what I use to shoot with and the programs I use to edit so why not blog about it? Whether you're another photographer, a hobbyist, or just someone who likes to follow this type of thing, here's what's in my bag:

Camera Gear

Canon 6D body  |   why I love it: full frame really does make a huge difference from a cropped sensor. I would highly recommend investing in a full frame. Canon Mark III is comparable but a little steeper in price.

Canon 70D body  |   this is what I started on and now serves as my backup.

35mm f2  |  JUST GOT THIS BABY!!! Seriously, I have been dreaming of this and now that I have it, I am not disappointed! WHY I LOVE THIS LENS: it is beautifullll for portraits. Comparable to the 50mm (the lens I used to shoot with alllll the time), but it's just a bit wider to allow more beautiful background in - while still allowing me to get in close for some gorgeous sharp details. The 35mm is very similar to the way the human eye sees the world and that's why I think I find it so relatable. Honestly, I have only had this lens for a couple weeks and I have a feeling it will be on my camera 95% of the time from here on out.

24-105mm f4 L series  |   this lens has been my go-to for all wide angle shots, and primarily what I use to shoot wedding ceremonies. I love that it allows me to get a nice wide frame at 24mm and allows me to capture the entirety of what's happening - while still giving me that choice to zoom in and get a little closer of a shot without intruding too much on guests.

100mm macro |   my favourite lens and must have for those up close detail shots. Perfect for capturing fine details such as rings and details in a dress. 

50mm f1.8  |   this nifty fifty is my most beloved prime lens. I've been shooting with this for the past two years and before my 35mm it was my go to lens. Great lens for portraits.  Another reason why I love it so much is that it's super light weight and totally affordable! You can find this lens at Staples for only $150!! 

18-135mm kit lens  |  this lens surprised me for being a kit lens. It's a lens meant for my cropped sensor so it doesn't fit on my full frame camera I currently use to shoot - but when mounted on the 70D body it compares to the 24-105 lens in terms of how wide the angle is. It was all I used when I first started out. 

Speedlight 600EX RT Flash  |  best flash I've ever used and worth every penny! Quick return time and super powerful!

Bestlight® Photography 160 LED Studio Lighting Kit  |  fancy title for spotlights on tripods. Just ordered these fun little guys to help me out with difficult lighting situations during wedding reception times.

**85mm  | another notable lens which I regretfully sold a while back. I was so addicted to my 50mm then that I wanted to pass on the 85 to someone who would use it more than I did at the time. Big mistake Sarah! I miss how perfect that lens was, especially in less than ideal background situations. And OMG the bokeh (background blur) was the dreamiest and smoothest I've ever seen. If i get the chance, I will definitely re-purchase.

What I Use Most: Typically when doing portraits, I will only really use 2 lenses - and I have gotten into the habit of transitioning between the two less and less because I feel my number one favourite lens really does a beautiful job framing nearly all the images the way I want them to look. So really 95% of the time I keep it quite simple and use my Canon6D with my 35mm lens, sometimes whipping out the 24-105mm if there's  a real wide angle shot I want. I never ever use my flash during a normal session now because my style is continuously evolving and I have become more a fan of natural lighting and deep shadows lately. But during weddings - especially during receptions with tricky lighting situations, my flash becomes my best friend.

Other Equipment

64GB & 32GB Lexar professional 1000x SD cards  |  what makes these so important for what I use them for is the speed. There is nothing worse than trying to take continuous shots and your card is taking forever to process an image. In a wedding situation where things happen very quickly, there's no time for a slow card.

ENVY camera harness  |  the most comfortable camera strap I've ever worn! It saves my neck - literally - by alleviating the strain off my neck and evenly distributing the weight from the camera across both shoulders. Made in Okotoks, Alberta too! Check them out here: www.envystraps.com

Case Logic camera backpack  |  I love this because it fits all my gear and my laptop making it completely efficient to travel. Bought off Amazon.

Macbook Pro  |  I have yet to invest in a desktop computer but my laptop has been getting the job done just fine. I love that I can take it wherever I go and literally work from anywhere. I have been guilty of bringing my kids to the play centre and working. But let's get real here, if i'm going to neglect my children by depriving them of my undivided attention, at least they're in a jungle gym of fun. It's the working mom compromise.

My Passport Wireless External Hard drive 1TB  |   It's not enough to back up  images to my laptop. With my luck my laptop could crash or get stolen - nothing is safe! I always back up my images to an external hard drive and store them for  at least a year after my client's session, just in case. 

Editing Software + Resources

Adobe Lightroom  |  this is where I do 95% of my editing. I love that I can store all my editing presets and have my full collection of photos bunched together. I can select all the images with the same lighting and batch edit to make the process go at least 50 times quicker. This is also what I use for metadata. Overall, I find Lightroom keeps me super organized and I just love how user friendly it is.

Adobe Photoshop  |  I do use photoshop from time to time but it's a rarity. I find it overwhelming and confusing and like to stay away from it if I can. I admire all of you guys who have mastered photoshop - it's harder than it looks! I applaud you!

Adobe Typekit  |  this is where I get all my fun fonts I use to create my logo, watermarks and promotional advertisements. 

Squarespace  |  Squarespace hosts the sleekest, simple yet modernized website and that's why I love it! If you're ever wanting to build a website, I would highly recommend using this company to provide all your website needs.

Pixieset  |  Those beautifully designed online photo albums you receive are created by Pixieset. I love how accessible these galleries are for your viewing pleasure and can be downloaded straight to your computer. Each album is PIN protected so only you can download the images - and for those albums that contain sensitive content (like boudoir), those are password protected so nothing can be viewed by anyone other than your eyes. It's as easy as uploading and sharing the link, et voila! You have all your photos from our session.

GTA Imaging  |  although I don't promote a ton of printing service (only because I release digital files with full printing rights), I DO still offer the service. I use GTA Imaging for all my canvas and print orders and they provide great quality products. And it's a Canadian company, bonus!

Vistaprint  |  When I first started out, I wasn't familiar with all my options so I purchased all my business cards from Vistaprint. I'm not sure why, but I expected the quality to be average. I am happy to say I am IN LOVE with their products and am ashamed to think I ever doubted them!