"Mom stop taking pictures"

As most of you know, I'm a mom first, photographer second. But part of having a camera available means lots and LOTS of documenting. As any mother would agree, I want to remember every stage of my kids lives. So naturally, my children suffer from the torment of having a camera pointed at them. Today, my 4 y.o took a stand and (very passive-aggressively) objected to my constant intruding on their activities. She decided to make a sign, asking my help on how to spell different words. Since I was also taking pictures of her brother, I was only half paying attention as I called out letters while she wrote them down. Her message became quite clear near the end, and all I could do was laugh.

Although I appreciate her efforts, I won't apologize for taking maybe too many photos. In my eyes, there's no such thing as too many photos. She will thank me one day when she can look back and relive her childhood. Maybe even show her own children those memories. 

No matter how annoying my kids may think I am, I will never EVER stop taking pictures.

Sarah MilneComment