October: A Month in Review

What a blur! From lots of snow, to none at all; some pretty decent progress with my fitness goals and personal trainer; adventuring with some solo parenting while Brendan did school stuff and a guys trip to Vegas and Phoenix; dealing with LOTS of shenanigans from the kids; wine, and more wine; celebrating Brendan's achievement of getting his second class power engineering ticket (it's a big deal!); new friends and the WALKING DEAD!!; Halloween festivities; and of course some great sessions celebrating baby announcements, family and love :) This month ended up going by far quicker than I expected it to!

Congratulations on the baby announcement Gary + Stephanie! Check out their blog here! And coming soon will be the lovely Fraser family, what a pleasure it was spending time with Chris, Sandi and darling Echo. Stay tuned for their upcoming blog post.

Sarah MilneComment