Cherishing the quiet moments

Looking around my house at the end of the day, I see dirty dishes to be done (which my cats are thankful for) and scattered toys everywhere. Makes me wonder how much longer these messes will continue to happen - not because i'm sick of cleaning them up (well ok, sometimes I am), but mostly because I'll be sad when the time comes for my children to outgrow toys. I know the time will come sooner than I can imagine and I need to remember these moments. I need to capture them so i'll never forget. 

I am so thankful for my camera and how it allows me to freeze time and preserve these quiet moments. A simple moment of my daughter's hair wearing a french braid, her tiny silhouette against the window. I find myself asking "how much longer will she let me braid her hair?". Or seeing my son playing quietly in his crib - how much longer before he grows out of it? I wonder how many more bedtime stories I'll get to read; How many more goodnight kisses after tucking them in for the night; How much longer before they're all grown up and not my babies anymore? I would rather have a hundred thousand photos than not enough to remember what life was like when they were small.

Before I know it, the nest will be empty.

Sarah MilneComment