A Different Approach, Snowy Specials and a Facelift for the Website

Hello friends! I have been making a few changes in the way I do things and thought it was time to tweak the website as well. With a more simple flow, this website reflects the new direction i'm taking my photography. As I begin to stay more true to what i want to accomplish, you'll notice I most enjoy showcasing those moments full of emotion and everyday life. More real, less fake. Meaning more real moments, real love, real laughter; less posing, less fake smiles, less direction to be anything but yourselves. I have begun to lead more with a documentary style approach and focus on capturing the real life moments that happen from day to day. 

So what does this mean for all of you? It means you have a photographer hoping to be different from any other in the Lakeland area. I'm taking a unique approach to primarily document your lives. Yes, that certainly still means family photos with everyone smiling and looking at the camera, but it also means the moments in between - the crying baby being comforted by its mother, the laughter created after an unexpected snow fight, the footprints left behind a family walk in the woods. I want your photo collections to tell a story.

I have a new special on for the winter months. My 'Baby It's Cold Outside' promotion encourages some fun opportunities for families and couples to enjoy the warmth and comfort of their own homes. Have a family day with games and snacks! Do some baking with the kids. Enjoy getting cozy on the couch and let me capture those sweet moments. Couples, cuddle up for some intimate at-home love sessions. Or if you'd like to venture outside, have a snowball fight. Go sledding. Don't pause your life to say cheese at a camera. Live life. Enjoy life. I'm excited to begin documenting more real life! I thank you all for your continued love and support! Carpe diem!!

Sarah MilneComment